Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I wish..........

Everybody has wishes right???? Well there's the common ones like winning the lottery and getting a cell phone/wii/DSI ect.......But there's also a lot about finding someone who really cares!

So here is what I want in a person:
I want them to listen
I want them to understand me
I want them to cheer me up when I am down
I want them to make me laugh
I want them to be kind
I want them to not pretend to be who they are not
I want them to be able to make my day
The list goes on and on.............
What do you guys want in a person???

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi again....

Hi again people. I am angry at a bunch of people right now. One for repeatedly trying and faking hitting me with a book(I hit him with a book after he did that), another for stealing a check I needed to use for my lunch account. Luckly I got the check back and was able to turn it in before it was too late. I added a new page to my website. It has a problem that I figured out about gum that know one else has realized yet. Check it out! My lunch was a yummy cheesy thing. And some strawberries and pear cubes. I had strawberry milk to wash it all down. Remember, you may say you have been to my site but I can tell you has and who has not by a thing called Clicky. So make sure you check it out! Bye!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Okay readers, my friend thinks you can kill the fish at the bottom of this page by overfeeding them. You can feed them by clicking the black water. To hear what you guys think I am going to put up a poll asking your opinion. Now go and vote!!!

Middle of the School Day.....

Right now I am in fourth period Language Arts. Last period I was in Health taking a test that is 85 questions long. I scored 95% which means I only missed one or two questions. Second period was a long note taking, quiz reviewing class. My first period is Honors Band. I had to play scales and such in the C Major key. For the Cavalcade of the bands, one of the music selections we are going to play is a collection of Star Wars. Well I gotta go now. Remember check out! See ya!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Check this out

go to the bottem of the page


Okay readers I am back at home now. I really want you to check out my site. Send me questions, videos ( with empt code), and more to Some ideas for videos you could send me are funny stuff, amazing talents, or Fred videos. Your amazing talent might just make it onto my site! Just to reassure you, I've had people from Canada and Germany on my website sooo.....yeah. For questions I will give advice for anything, or if you have a question for my site. The last thing you can email me about is a suggestion. NOW GO CHECK OUT MY SITE AT! DO IT OR ELSE!!!

I Have A Little Bit of Time...

Okay people I have a small amount of time right now so here is what I've been doing. First i have started to change my site so check it out, make sure you check out the funny cats video. the web address is Also go on and ask to be friends with PonchoPrincess. i am currently on that most of the time. so make sure you check that out! when you go on my website please send videos and suggestions to! Remember you can help me make my website better. Later!!